Thursday, 17 April 2014

$parsers and $formatters in Custom Validation Directives in Angular JS

While writing applications using Angular JS, sometimes we need to define our own validators. Custom validations in Angular JS are created as directives with a dependency on the ng-model directive. At times, key part of the validation depends on controller of the ng-model directive.

The ng-model directive provides two arrays of functions to which the custom validation logic can be hooked: $parsers and $formatters. Usage of both of these arrays looks similar, but they are invoked under different conditions.

In most of the cases, $parsers is the right option to handle the logic of custom validation. Functions added to $parsers are called as soon as the value in the form input is modified by the user. As an example, consider the following directive:

app.directive('evenNumber', function(){
    link: function(scope, elem, attrs, ctrl){
      function checkForEven(viewValue){
        if (parseInt(viewValue)%2 === 0) {
          ctrl.$setValidity('evenNumber', false);
        return viewValue;

This is a simple directive that checks if the number entered in the textbox is even. If we apply validation on a textbox, the validator works as long as the value is modified in the textbox.

Formatters are invoked when the model is modified in the code. They are not invoked if the value is modified in the textbox. $formatters are useful when there is a possibility of the value getting modified from the code. $formatters can be applied in the above directive using a simple statement:


Now, the validation on the textbox containing the evenNumber is fired when the value is directly modified or even when the value is modified in the code.

A demo of the directive is available on plnkr.

Happy coding!

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  1. Hi Ravi, for some weird reason my $parsers do nothing and also i have another problem, my ctrl.$pristine is always true,

    link: function(scope, elem, attrs, ctrl){

    function validate(viewValue){
    console.log(viewValue); // this is never triggered
    console.log(ctrl.$pristine); //this is always true but only works with formatters

    if i uncomment the formatters line, everything works well, any ideas? hope you can help me this is driving me crazy, i cant figure it out why $parsers didnt work


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