Sunday, 8 June 2014

Expanding my Writing Zone

I started this blog as a novice blogger less than 2 years back and I had an amazing writing experience till now. I just can’t say enough about the accolades I received from the readers of this blog and also some constructive criticism that helped me in writing better. Thanks to each one of you that are reading this blog. I will continue writing good content here. In addition to writing for my blog, I started writing content for two of leading content publishers on the internet.

DotNet Curry Magazine:
DotNet Curry Magazine (DNC Magazine) is a free magazine for .NET developers around the world. It is started and ran by a set of technology experts including Suprotim Agarwal, a Microsoft MVP for ASP.NET/IIS. Suprotim is the Editor-in-chief for the magazine. The magazine releases an issue on every alternate month with high quality content on latest Microsoft Technologies. I am one of the thousands of subscribers to the magazine and I highly recommend subscribing to the magazine. The authors are MVPs and experts around the world. I am fortunate to have joined the team of authors. My first article for DNC was published during the May 2014 edition of the magazine and the article is now available on their website too, you can check it here. Stay tuned for lots of .NET content on DNC Magazine from all the authors.

Check my author page on DotNetCurry site:

Site Point:
Sitepoint is a very well-known site for many developers as a source of knowledge on several topics including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Mobile, UX, Design and other topics. They publish articles, books, courses and also have forums for Q&A. I read several of their articles focussed on front-end web technologies. I contacted Sitepoint to know I could write for them and the editor-in-chief Ophelie Lechat accepted me as an author for their site. As most of you would have already guessed, I will be posting articles focused on JavaScript for Sitepoint. My first article for Sitepoint is published, you can read it here. Also check articles by other authors, they will help you for sure. I have a nice set of articles planned to be published for Sitepoint. Follow their twitter feed for tweets on their articles and also for technology news.

Check my author page on SitePoint:

I was busy in initiating my work for these writing assignments and writing articles. So, I couldn't get enough time to blog. But, I have a nice series planned for this blog and you will see the posts popping up soon.

Happy coding!

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